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Our charcuterie boards will compliment any event and are guaranteed to wow your guests. 

 Saving Graze prides itself in maintaining the utmost consistency in the quality and presentation of food in every order.


Each board is carefully crafted to be a unique work of art. 

Included on every board, are all the quality essentials you've come to expect in our boxes, plus extras such as:

  • Seasonal decorations

  • Flowers or greenery

  • Dips and spreads

  • Accoutrements

Our boards can be made:

*Nut-free, Pork-free, Dairy-free and Gluten-free

*Additional Charges May Apply

Charcuterie Boards

Starting at $23 per person+

At Saving Graze, we offer a variety of board size options ranging from small to extra large, to suit your entertaining needs. Our Charcuterie Boards can accommodate parties of 2 to 100 people (multiple boards). 


Every Charcuterie Board order includes the rental of a beautiful artisan board, small dishes, and utensils to bring the perfect elegance to your event. 

If you have a board of your own and you would like to incorporate it, we will happily use it in place of our rental boards.

Charcuterie Board orders have a large variety of meats, cheeses, nuts, pickled items, crackers and more, artistically arranged on your board, that are guaranteed to impress your guests.

Board delivery and pick up by Saving Graze

*Note: Board delivery with pick up after use will cost double the delivery fee 

If you would like us to deliver to your event and pick up the board after the use, the board will be picked up within 48hrs from the location of delivery. Please leave the board  and any utensils outside on the doorstep.

Board Return by Customer

The board used for the event should be returned either Wednesday or Thursday after your date  to our kitchen space anytime between 11AM to 6PM

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