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Saving Graze offers a variety of options for large scale entertaining.  From wedding receptions to, corporate events and milestone parties, we’ve got you covered. 


Grazing tables are beautifully crafted and edible works of art that bring your guests together over a gorgeous array of delicious foods, all expertly arranged and perfect for mingling over at leisure. We offer 2 style options, Flat Lay or Tiered.


Great for any occasion and perfect for parties or events with 40 -100 people.  Your grazing table will be designed with your event in mind.

Things you will find on our standard grazing tables:

  • Local meats | Cheeses
  • Seasoned crackers | Bread sticks
  • Fresh fruits | Dried fruits | Figs
  • Olives | Cornichon
  • Organic honey | Spreads | Dips
  • Seasonal Produce
  • Greenery or fresh flowers 
  • Option of individual charcuterie boxes for any guests with dietary restrictions

Grazing tables are a great choice for weddings and large gatherings and can serve as a gorgeous centrepiece at any event.

Every occasion is unique, as are our Grazing Tables. Please contact us for pricing.  



Mini Cups $8 and Petite Cups $13 (minimum order of 10)

A mini snack graze for parties. A cute little cup that has cheese, meat, nuts, olive/pickle, fruit and crackers. An elegant, easy snack for guests.

A petite graze for social events. Each guest will have their own individual cup, that comes full of bite sized snacks such as local meats, cheeses, crackers, fruits, vegetables, nuts and olives/or cornichon. 


Charcuterie Boxes (Minimum order of 10) 

We offer our charcuterie boxes for large events too!  We provide each of your guests an 'Individual Graze' box filled with all the essentials and provided in a convenient box so they can graze at their own pace.  This is a great option for corporate meetings.

If you’re not sure what the best option is for your event, we can discuss your needs and provide you with some suggestions.  Fill out the inquiry form to get the conversation started.


We can’t wait to take this off your plate!

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