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Just like our name implies, we take the fuss out of entertaining by providing fresh, delicious grazing foods, prepped, then artistically presented and ready to become your Saving Graze.

Hello! We are Sam and Lindsey, the creators of Saving Graze, where delectable food meets elegance.

At Saving Graze, we believe time spent with friends and family should not be spent in the kitchen. We aim to make your next gathering or celebration extra special by providing beautifully prepped graze foods and/or service staff for hosting with ease. At Saving Graze, we value quality and variety in our food selections for our customers. 



We love creating visually stunning and tastefully curated foods for every occasion.

All of our grazing products contain seasonal and local ingredients when possible.  We pride ourselves on making each culinary item a unique work of art.

Sam Smiley


Lindsey Taylor

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